STRiDA Q&A – questions & answers

Questions & Answers

  • Why a belt drive ?
  • STRiDA Belt-driveLike on motor bikes and in car motors the belt drive is chosen for its durability and because it’s clean and maintenance-free. Keep the belt tight and use only water and a brush to clean it for dirt.
  • Is the STRiDA slow ?
  • The STRiDA is designed to adapt to the regular urban bike traffic and it is constructed to be quickly and easily folded if you need to use public transportation some of the way, i.e. bus, taxi, train, metro etc.
  • How is the driveability of the STRiDA ?
  • The constructon and ergonomics of the STRiDA has been thoroughly tested and fine tuned to get to the exquisite driving performance that characterizes a STRiDA. You immediately feel at home on a STRiDA.
  • Can I buy it cheaper in foreign countries ?
  • Prices in Europe are very close and shipping would surpass what you might save on lower taxes. More importantly foreign bikes have no frame numbers, and without that you cannot insure your bike in Denmark.
    Finally it’s very convenient to have a place nearby where you can share your STRiDA excitement!